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Compassionate Words

Richard Roxburgh

'Rakhee is a genuinely empathetic and intuitive practitioner.  She is an extraordinary person with a great gift for restoring and healing.'

Rebecca Gibney

'Rakhee transports you to another place.  I always come away from a treatment feeling not only thoroughly relaxed and refreshed, but incredibly calm and re-invigorated as well.  It’s a magical experience.  That’s probably why I keep coming back!'

Emma van Wanrooy

'Rakhee is one of those rare therapists who provides a truly nurturing, relaxing experience.'


Lee Blignault

'When you walk out you feel as if you've just been on a amazingly relaxing holiday. Refreshed. Renewed. Rejuvenated.'


Gwynn Jones

'A very beautiful healing experience with Rakhee in a tranquil setting that soothes body and mind.'


Chantal Snell

'Truly divine. One of the most relaxing, nourishing and healing treatments I have ever had. I had the energetic signature massage and Rakhee's intuitive approach is such an incredible gift. I couldn't recommend highly enough.'


Jen Williams

'I’m so glad to have come across Rakhee on my journey. I haven’t met anyone yet who has had such a beautiful impact on my body, mind and spirit in such a short period of time after a session of energy and massage work. I was completely present in my body, so relaxed and content. Her room is also beautiful. Thank you x.'


Kirsty Wilson

'Be prepared for one of the best treatments of your life. I love everything about sacred space. Rakhee is one of the most beautiful souls I know, her energy flows through in her intuitive massage and she finds spots of tension that need moving without me even realising they were there. Her room is beautiful, tranquil and all natural from the oils she uses to the candles she burns and even fabrics on the floor and table. I can't recommend enough. Just maybe don't book anything in your day for a few hours afterwards!'


Julie Slade

'Whenever my body and spirit need some healing there is only one woman I turn to , Rakhee I truly thank you for always providing the magic through your healing hands and the warmth from energy and smile x j.'


Gemma Perry

'This is where magical healing happens! Rakhee transforms her love and wisdom into magical healing for us in this beautiful space and I am ever so grateful!'


Grae Davey

'Thank you


Your magic is resounding

My heart is pounding

My spirit is heightened...'


Craig Dower

'Perfectly named - Sacred Space Healing. Behind a tiny doorway and staircase in the middle of Avalon a truly wonderful experience awaits. From the moment you walk in the door until well after you leave, Rakhee transforms the way you feel - physically and spiritually.'


Beth Shurger

'I have treatments frequently, this treatment from Rakhee was the best I've had in years. Amazing healing hands in a serene space, was heavenly. Can't wait to go back again.'


Darren Tucker

'Extra ordinary! Rakhee brings through a sense of deep peace and at the same time the vibration that comes through ignites something within, in a beautiful way! Thank you.'


Pauline Pollard

'Rakhee, thank you for such an amazing healing experience. The moment I stepped into your Sacred Space I could feel the calm and supportive energy you hold for your clients. You are a very gifted and intuitive healer and I thank you for such a transformative experience. Believe me the experience doesn't end once you leave the room...with energy healing you will notice amazing shifts long after the session. Thank you Rakhee.'


Gael McKenzie

'Sacred Space in Avalon is a haven and Rakhee is a totally amazing healer! When I'm energetically pulled towards that which my mind can't explain or rationalise I can only surrender into the unknown - and that for me is what a treatment with Rakhee is... life/love force powerfully vibrating through her hands. A tip though ... book the 90 minute session rather than the 60 minute… you'll be so glad you did. Thank you Rakhee, for everything, you are an amazing conduit for healing, a Divine human being ... and love personified. Thank you.'


Julia Henty

'What a beautiful experience. Everything is peaceful and lovely, Rhakee is amazingly talented and creates this wonderful space just for you. I feel relaxed, revitalized and happy when I walk out of there. I have given vouchers to many of my friends as presents as it's just perfect. Thank you Rhakee, I will be back soon.'


Robbie Carter

'Nothing short of amazing! I would pay just to lay in such a beautiful peaceful space. From the moment I walked in I knew it was not going to be an ordinary massage experience. During my session I felt like I was in a deep meditation and after I couldn't wipe the smile from my face. Needless to say I will be back!'


Tansey Keys

'I'm always singing Rahkee's praise, she is a wonder, I love the space she has it's peaceful and welcoming. I feel amazing when I leave:-)'


Isabelle Su

'I had a wonderful experience with Rakhee - a terrific, calming space, great treatment and a beautiful soul looking after me!'


Stevie Rose

'Every session I have had with Rakhee is transforming on so many levels, that I feel blessed to have discovered a truly gifted and intuitive person. From the moment you step into her space you "may" feel there is something special happening, but when you leave you 'know'. Highly recommend!'


Alan Riva

'This beautiful woman has healing in her hands and her soul. Through Rakhee, I know what it is to touch the divine. She is a blessing.'


Gabrielle Butler

'The Best energy work that I have had since my mentor crossed over ... thats 10 years ago! Its great that the universe was kind enough to lead me to another who has that same GIFT:)♥'


Chris Ardill-Guinness

'Walking into Rahkee's sacred space is like taking a journey to an exotic land...perhaps somewhere outside of Jaipur..or perhaps Srinagar in the Kashmiri Himalayas.. a timeless quality. ...a waft of incense and the hypnotic chant from a Raag assure you immediately this is a place of healing and relaxation. Rahkee's hands have ESP...they intuitively go to where the tension lays knotted...where the locus of the pain radiates. Using hot rocks and an expansive knowledge of physiology and spirit connection Rakhee creates magic. Highly recommend.'


Tracy Longster

'Rakhee is a true healer with her intuitive treatments and complete understanding of the body, a rare find - I will be back.'


Alicia Van Poppel

'Rakhee has a beautiful aura about her and it shows through your her sessions. I felt instantly calm as soon as I walked in and left feeling deeply relaxed. I'm looking forward to my next treatment with Rakhee.'


Lucia Rosari

'An intuitive massage has untold benefits and so difficult to find; the awareness Rakhee brings into the moment during her massage is a true gift.. A visit to Sacred Space is priceless and well worth the journey.. Thank you Rakhee.'


Becky Scott

'I call Rakhee my 'magic pill'. She has magic in her fingertips. I recommend her to everyone I ever meet who needs some TLC. I buy her gift certificates for friends because it is honestly the most beautiful gift I could think of to give. Don't make the mistake of thinking a session with Rakhee is just another massage. Rakhee has something special, intangible, and you will only feel the magic if you are in her presence.'


Natalie Blythe

'Rakhee has the hands of an angel and takes you to another place. Rakhee is an incredibly intuitive and gifted lady. Cannot recommend her enough.'


Nicole O’Sullivan

'Rakhee is an intuitive and gifted massage therapist. The benefits always last a lot longer than the initial session, magic. Don't rush to be anywhere after your session and make sure you give yourself plenty of time afterwards to land back on earth!'


Vitina Bressington

'Beautiful, calming, peaceful place with the best massage and energy healing I've ever had. Thanks Rakhee for always making me feel amazing.'

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