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Ayurveda & Acne

People continue to turn to more drastic medical treatments to prevent and treat acne, however there are more holistic approaches such as following the philosophy of Ayurveda. Cosmeceuticals which include Ayurvedic natural botanicals prove effective in targeting acne without the harsh side effects of many modern medical treatments.

Acne is the result of excessive secretions of sebum from the sebaceous glands which lead to blockage of the sebaceous ducts. Bacteria, even those naturally present in the skin, colonise at the site of sebum accumulation which results in the inflammation we know as acne. It follows then, that acne sufferers can usually be identified as having oily or combination skin. This is in keeping with the Kapha dosha, which is epitomised by a combination of earth and water qualities. These are identified as oily, thick, heavy, and slow.

So how can Ayurvedic botanicals help acne?The Ayurvedic treatment of acne is particularly effective when the oil derived from the roots of the Coleus Forskohlli plant is used. This is a plant from the mint and lavender family and is native to India, used in Ayurvedic medicine topically and orally. The active ingredient within the extracted oil is known as Forskolin which has potent anti-microbial properties. Studies have found it inhibits the growth of the skin pathogens commonly present with acne.

Ayurveda looks at the whole-body system and so understanding how to balance the Kapha dosha is important so that it is no longer aggravates and causes conditions like acne. To balance Kapha there should be a focus on stimulation and inviting a livelier constitution.

These simple tips can help:

· Perform daily endurance-focused exercise for improved circulation

· Avoid napping

· Avoid the damp

· Seek stimulating aromas like cloves, cinnamon and eucalyptus

· Daily warm oil massage to improve circulation

· Cleanse skin twice a day; the Vimala Cleanser I use in the Facial Ritual contains willow bark extract which acts as an anti-bacterial

· Gently exfoliate skin once a week; the Samskrta Polish I use in the Facial Ritual contains potent antioxidants

· Apply a Clearing Serum to directly target acne

An appropriate diet will help to spark digestive and metabolic systems to balance Kapha and will help to keep acne at bay.

· Avoid oily and sweet foods

· Drink plenty of water to cleanse from within

· Reduce dairy intake

· Use pungent spices freely, such as ginger, pepper and mustard seed

· Favour white meats over red if non-vegetarian

· Eat your largest meal at lunchtime

Please call 0433 090 696 to find out more about your dosha or to book your Facial Ritual

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