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Emotional Trauma & Healing

We all carry emotional trauma, whether it is a deep-seated trauma from long ago, or a more recent injury... we carry all carry emotional trauma. And, our response to this is often fear-based; we find ourselves retreating in order to protect ourselves from hurting.

Energy healing is not just for physical pain and ailments, but can help to unlock the deep-seated trauma of emotional injury. This gentle, but profound work, can help to encourage emotional release, soothing the system and allowing space for the healing process to begin.

Healing works on the energetic field of the body which connects to every aspect... emotional, physical, mental and spiritual. Emotional traumas block the flow of energy and can actually lock pain in the body, be it emotional, physical or mental. Not only is this uncomfortable as an experience, but it can also lead to more chronic ailments as the flow of energy is disrupted.

Energy healing can help to clear these blockages and allow the free flow of energy again, brining the body back into balance. You may begin to experience relief after just one session.

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