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Remedial Massage for Treating Headaches

Headaches are one of the most common ailments. Whether you’re prone to headaches, or you suffer from migraines, this recurrent pain can make life a misery. When you’re struggling with intense symptoms, it can be difficult to concentrate at work, to maintain an active social life, and to ensure you get enough exercise and sleep. If you feel like you’ve tried everything, or you’re looking for effective natural remedies for headaches, have you considered remedial massage? 

Massage Therapy for Headaches

There are many possible causes of headaches. While many people suffer from mild discomfort that comes and goes, some are susceptible to chronic and severe pain. Taking medication can provide some relief, however this is not the only solution. Remedial massage is a tried and tested technique, which has been used to reduce tension and alleviate pain for centuries. 

Massage therapy can help to combat headaches in two main ways:

·       Massage can help to induce a state of calm and relaxation reducing the risk of stress and anxiety, known risk-factors for recurrent headaches. Although stress and anxiety are psychological conditions, they can also cause physical symptoms. When a person is stressed or on edge, it can often feel like body physically tensing up, and this causes muscular discomfort, as well as headaches. Massage can help to eliminate muscular tension, lowering the risk of muscle spasms. 

·       Massage therapy can also benefit those who are susceptible to headaches by easing pressure in the muscles that are located around the head in the neck and shoulders. Following a massage, you should find that you feel much more comfortable, as well as more relaxed. 

The benefits of massage for headaches

Massage offers both preventative and restorative benefits for people who suffer from chronic or severe headaches. Often, we find that headaches develop as a result of being stressed or run down. Massage is a natural therapy, which helps to lower stress levels, reduces the production of stress hormones, and make us feel calmer. Having regular massages can help to keep stress and anxiety at bay, and can also provide a welcome distraction from triggers and sources of stress like work pressures. In addition to preventing headaches, massage is also a holistic form of treatment. By reducing tension in the muscles that surround the face, head, neck, and shoulders, the symptoms of headaches and any additional pain in the upper body should ease. 


Another important benefit of massage is better quality sleep. With increasing evidence of the prevalence of sleep troubles, massage can help to improve sleep habits, reducing the risk of insomnia and prevent pain, a common cause of disturbed sleep. 


Headaches can make everyday life tough, and if you’re susceptible to intense pain, you may be looking for a new way to ease discomfort and live life to the full again. Massage is a natural alternative to medication; can help to alleviate tension, combat stress and anxiety, and eliminate pain. If you struggle with headaches, and you haven’t tried massage therapy yet, this could be the solution you’ve been searching for. 


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