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Beautiful Skin through Ayurveda

With the many pollutants present in our environment and toxins in the products we use on our skin, we need help for our skin to be healthy and beautiful. The best quality of Ayurveda is that it’s suitable for all skin types. Ayurveda can help you achieve beautiful skin in three ways.

Keeping it clean

Try to avoid known toxins found in many harsh cleansers, such as SLS, SLES and formaldehyde releasers. Preservatives such as parabens also tend to do more damage than good to our skin. Instead, use the Vimala Gentle Cleanser to remove impurities, makeup and pollutants. This soothing cleanser includes green tea for antioxidant properties and sandalwood as an antibacterial agent. The coconut-derived surfactants provide gentle cleansing. Follow cleansing with the Samskrta Skin Polish; cranberry extract, niacinamide and natural jojoba beads exfoliate the skin without causing micro tears. These also help to keep your pores clean. To help keep you skin clean from the inside out, hydration is very important. Drinking water at room temperature is best for your body. Eating fresh fruits and vegetables is another simple way to maintain clean and healthy skin.

Healing your skin

We tend to cover up beauty problems with superficial methods. But Ayurveda works to heal skin damage. Skin is a reflection of inner health, so heal yourself with healthy eating designed for your Ayurvedic constitution. Three healthy foods which have healing properties are turmeric, aloe vera, and ghee. Eating turmeric works as a recovery accelerant, and applying turmeric to the skin helps to repair it in harsh weather. Aloe vera is ideal for naturally treating irritated skin and is commonly used for sun damage. Similarly, ghee can soothe dry and cracked lips.

Nurturing and protecting

As well as cleaning and healing your skin, it’s important to protect it and maintain a nurturing balance. Avoiding sun exposure protects your skin significantly. Oils can restore vitality, replacing elements lost during day-to-day living. Rich in antioxidants like Indian gooseberry (amla), the Shaanta Intensive Moisture energises skin cells and improves circulation. Heal wounds with gotu kola, found in the Vimala Gentle Cleanser, Shaanta Intensive Moisturiser and Codayati Renewal System. Coconut water focuses moisture on healthy growth of skin cells. Receive its benefits from the Indiraa Age Recharge Serum and Moisturiser

If you desire more beautiful, healthy skin, treat your whole body with the care it deserves.

Clean, heal and protect your skin through Ayurveda for a natural glow.

The Facial Ritual will use a combination of these Ayurvedic skin care products in a combination developed to your particular dosha. Please call 0433 090 696 for more information.

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