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Kapha Food Rituals

Ayurveda holds and elemental view of the universe and believes that we are made up of various combinations of the following five elements: air, ether, fire, earth and water. The combination of these elements make up the three doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha and we tend to have a dominance in one particular dosha.

The elements that make up Kapha are earth and water and are characterised by qualities such as oily, cold, heavy and slow. These qualities translate into things like smooth soft skin, a dislike for exercise, a preference for warm climates and a prone to crave sweet and fatty foods. Kapha types tend towards stagnation so stimulating the system is important.

Kapha types should avoid excess sugar, fat and salt. Light cooked meals are the best with spices to increase the metabolism.

Warm rather than cool

Foods that are warm in temperature should be favoured over cold foods, and heating spices are crucial to balancing the Kapha dominance. Kapha types should sip warm drinks with a dab of honey to heat and detoxify.

Dry rather than moist

Kapha is generally oily so drying foods like beans, white potatoes, dried fruits, popcorn and crackers can soak up this element. An occasional glass of dry red or white wine is most acceptable! Use as little oil as possible when cooking and avoid too many oily foods such as eggs, cheese, coconut, milk and nuts. Also avoid moist foods such as melons, zucchini and yoghurt.

Light rather than dense

Light foods are highly appropriate – preferably cooked fruits and vegetables with a moderate amount of salads. Heavy foods such as hard cheeses, puddings, nuts and cakes should be avoided.

Rough rather than smooth

Fruits and vegetables are packed with roughage and this is good for the Kapha dosha to counteract their smooth, oily nature.

Pungent foods clarify the senses and stimulate digestion and elimination. Bitter foods are rough and drying. Astringent foods are dry and light.

Avoid sweet heavy foods, sour thirst-provoking foods and salty water-inducing foods.

Chew a slice of fresh ginger with a pinch of salt, a few drops of lime juice, and ¼ tsp of honey 30 minutes before eating to kindle the sluggish digestive fire and simulate the system. Periodic fasts and cleanses can be beneficial to Kapha types.

  • Breakfast... this is optional for Kapha types, but if you feel like eating... think stewed fruit or porridge with a dab of honey

  • Lunch... think lentil vegetable soup or chickpeas and sautéed cabbage over quinoa

  • Dinner... think dal soup

To find out your dosha please fill out the form on the ‘Dosha Form’ page.

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