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doTERRA Oil of Cheer

Essential oils can be used for a wide range of emotional and physical wellness applications. I am very excited to be incorporating the doTERRA system of emotional aromatherapy into my work. These 6 blends of therapeutic grade essential oils have been developed specifically with the emotional component in mind. These powerful combinations can help us to release burdens, find comfort and encouragement and inspire us to dream with passion.

This week’s oil is the Oil of Cheer:

This cheerful blend of wild orange, clove, star anise, lemon myrtle, zdravetz, nutmeg, ginger, cinnamon bark and vanilla beautifully combines citrus and spice to help work with a heavyhearted, hopeless and burdened emotional state. Feel comforted, hopeful, encouraged and uplifted with this sunshiny, fresh and optimistic blend.

The wild orange, cold-pressed from the orange peel, is stimulating and uplifting

The clove is energising and grounding

The star anise has a gentle sedative effect

The lemon myrtle is good for uplifting emotions and soothing sleep

The Bulgarian zdravetz (with a woodier aroma than rose or rose geranium) and has a softening effect on the nervous system

The nutmeg is calming and has a gentle sedative effect

The ginger comes from the stalk of the Madagascar ginger plant and is soothing and warming

The cinnamon bark is derived from the tropical evergreen cinnamon tree and helps to support a healthy immune system

The Mexican vanilla has antidepressant and relaxing qualities

This set of doTERRA emotional aromatherapy essential oils blend in beautifully with Sacred Space Signature Therapy… a fusion of massage, sound, and healing techniques drawing from my experience of both Eastern and Western practices, bringing together ancient and modern therapies.

Please contact 0433 090 696 for bookings.

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