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Pitta Food Rituals

Ayurveda holds and elemental view of the universe and believes that we are made up of various combinations of the following five elements; air, ether, fire, earth and water. The combination of these elements make up the three doshas: Vata, Pitta and Kapha and we tend to have a dominance in one particular dosha.

Pitta consists of the elements fire and water and are characterised by qualities such as slightly oily, hot, light and liquid. These qualities translate into things like abundant sweat, prone to diarrhoea, sun sensitivity and anger. Pitta types tend to be motivated people and are quite determined but when aggravated they can become critical, hot tempered and impatient. They tend to need cooling and soothing, so eating appropriately can help to pacify this dominance.

Pittas benefit most from vegetarian foods as meats produce heat when being digested. Eat plenty of fresh, whole foods that are cooling, energising and relatively dry and dense.

Cool rather than warm

Pitta types should eat foods that are cool in temperature or that have a cooling energy with cooling spices such as mint. Eat plenty of raw fruit and vegetables and avoid heat inducing foods, or drinks such as alcohol or caffeine. If you do feel like something warm, then a mint tea is perfect as it can cool the system down whilst still being warm.

Dry rather than moist

Pitta types are liquid by nature, so eating dryer foods such as beans, pasta, popcorn and crackers can absorb some of this element. Avoid oily foods such as eggs and cheese.

Dense rather than light

Eat sustaining foods with good quality cooling oils – grains, milk, root vegetables.

Sweet foods tend to be grounding, nourishing and satisfying and are good for pacifying Pitta. Bitter is cooling and drying, cleansing the pallet and toning the body. Astringent is heavy, cold and dry.

Stay away from pungent, salty and sour foods which can tend to heat the system.

Pitta types have a sharp appetite and should not skip meals. Stick to a regular eating schedule of three meals a day and do not over-eat.

  • Breakfast... think a hearty fruit salad with coconut

  • Lunch... think whole wheat pasta with fresh vegetables

  • Dinner... think veggie burgers with sautéed mushrooms

To find out your dosha please fill out the form on the ‘Dosha Form’ page.

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