Ayurveda & the Ageing Process

While ageing is inevitable it doesn’t have to occur prematurely. One of the most significant areas of concern with premature ageing is the decline in the appearance of the skin. But the skin reflects inner health. So, the ancient philosophy of Ayurveda can slow ageing and significantly improve vitality by approaching the body as a whole system.

It is thought that we progress through phases of the three doshas in our lives: from the earth and water of kapha in childhood, to the fire and water of pitta in youth. Vata is the third stage, comprised of space and air. It is noticeably lacking water and is directly associated with the dryness our skin takes on as we age.

The Ayurvedic goal of balancing your dosha, or mind-body constitution, for optimum health has the additional benefit of slowing the ageing process. An imbalance in vata is particularly associated with premature ageing and an acceleration of natural ageing processes. This is because of vata’s association with dryness and thinness.

It’s so easy in our fast-paced world to look for quick fixes in terms of food, exercise and happiness, which not only affects our health, but how we age. Instead, we must turn to Ayurvedic philosophy for a rounded approach that is necessary for energy, health, and an enthusiasm for life.

Try these foundational tips:

  • Practise yoga for exercising the muscles and easing stress of the mind

  • Have six to eight hours of restful sleep each night to allow the body to heal and reset

  • Protect skin adequately from the sun’s damaging UV rays

  • Limit caffeine and alcohol intake because of their drying nature

  • Keep well hydrated from the inside drinking at least 8 glasses of water each day

  • Keep well hydrated from the outside by using natural hydrating skin care products. The Indiraa Age Recharge Serum and Moisturiser contain Vitamin C to maintain skin elasticity and Indian Frankincense to target the free radicals which accelerate ageing

Diet is also an important part of ensuring your body receives the nutrients it needs for healthy function and to keep your skin looking its best. These foods are essential for slowing the ageing process:

  • Whole grains rich in fibre

  • Colourful fruits and vegetables which contain high levels of antioxidants to combat free radical damage, such as blueberries and carrots

  • Citrus fruits for vitamin C, like oranges and limes

  • Garlic and broccoli for protection from bacteria and viruses

  • Spinach to slow down muscle ageing

To find out more about your dosha or to book a Facial Ritual, call 0433 090 696

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