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Grief & Gratitude during the Festive Season

The holiday season becomes a frantic time for many of us and trying to keep balanced and grounded throughout this period is challenging. Having to deal with expectations and obligations is one thing, but when you add grief to the mix, it adds a whole new, and far more complicated, dynamic.

The festive season is centred around coming together and for some, this just shines a light on the empty space. When someone you love is missing, it’ hard. It’s hard most of the time, and even harder when the rest of the world is coming together to celebrate.

And, the focus on being grateful can also be a heavy one... feeling like you should be grateful for the things in your life when there is such pain and space isn’t helpful. Gratitude is certainly not the antidote to grief and they have to somehow sit side by side.

Grief is a wavelike energy that ebbs and flows, and for me, it moves constantly. Energy healing can offer comfort and respite and allow the space for the grief to keep moving through us and not get stuck in the body. Grief has its own timetable, and mourning will come when it comes, not when it is ‘supposed’ to come. My intention is to provide a safe space for you to acknowledge the reality of your own grief and of where you are in your own personal journey with it. The gentle bodywork can be comforting for the physical being and the grounding will help to steady the emotions. The impact of loss on the physical and emotional bodies is deep, but there is also an impact on the more subtle bodies, and chakra work can help to re-balance these vital energy centres.

Whilst painful and uncomfortable, grief can provide the opportunity for opening up, and for growth. This is certainly not something that I would seek out, but personally, I believe that deep grief prepares us for greater service to others; when we experience profound loss, we can be more compassionate to others and feel more connected to the rest of humanity. We take time to reassess our lives and seek out what is truly important to us.

The emotion of grief is something that we will all experience at some point in our lives, so try to be open to those who are in their process. If you are supporting someone through grief, allow them to be how they are... companion them right inside their sadness, rather than trying to fix it or pull them out of it.

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