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A Spiritual Detox

When times become challenging or chaotic, we often lose focus and find it hard to re-connect with ourselves. January is a time of detoxing and cleansing after the festive period… of trying to regain some balance in our lives. And just as our physical bodies need to be nurtured and given the space to cleanse and restore, our energetic bodies need the same.

Think of it as a Spiritual Detox.

The Sacred Space Signature Therapy is a fusion of massage, sound, and healing techniques drawing from my experience of both Eastern and Western practices, bringing together ancient and modern therapies.

The hot stone massage will stimulate the lymphatic system and increase circulation to help body eliminate toxins. This combined with a doTERRA detox essential oil blend of tangerine peel, rosemary, geranium, juniper and cilantro will further support the bodies natural detoxification system.

The energy healing will realign your chakras and help you to begin the New Year with greater harmony and balance. By dropping into a deeply relaxed state you are able to begin to connect with your own internal wisdom, and from there you can start to shed that which no longer serves you.

This is the perfect time to take stock of the last year and to be grateful for all the experiences and lessons it brought you. Reflect on the good and let to of the negative. Harmonise and realign your energy for a calm and balanced body, mind and soul as you welcome in 2018.

Please call 0433 090 696 to make an appointment.

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