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The Facial Rituals

Numerous Ayurvedic herbal combinations have been used effectively in the treatment of skin conditions and for the promotion of a clear and healthy complexion. More recently, these treatments have been comprehensively studied by scientists, and clinical findings now allow us to utilise this intelligence of the past.

The Facial Ritual is personalised to your unique skin type, in relation to your dosha, and tailored to provide a deeply relaxing and sensory journey. Incorporating the healing energy of Ayurvedic wisdom into a fluid facial treatment, that will work subtly on the energetic body, as well as the physical, leaving you feeling grounded, rejuvenated and balanced.

The Vata Facial Ritual will focus on deeply hydrating and re-mineralising the skin, stimulating cell renewal with warming and nourishing Ayurvedic herbs such as ginger, cumin and black pepper. The increase in firmness and elasticity will diminish the appearance of fine lines and leave your skin with a youthful glow.

The Pitta Facial Ritual will focus on calming and pacifying the skin using gently cooling Ayurvedic herbs such as sandalwood, coriander and cardamom. As the skin is soothed and the redness reduced, the active ingredients will help to repair and strengthen the delicate skin barrier.

The Kapha Facial Ritual will focus on drawing out impurities to purify the skin, assisting in eliminating congestion whilst managing excessive oiliness. Incorporating stimulating Ayurvedic herbs and plants such as cinnamon, rosemary and turmeric, your skin will be left feeling clear, fresh and smooth.

This skincare system is made in Australia, encompassing the teachings of ancient Ayurveda and encapsulating them into a medical grade skincare system to provides visible, long-lasting results for truly rejuvenated skin. Being science-based with biologically active ingredients, these products belong to a superior category of skincare called ‘cosmeceuticals’ and deliver real and long-lasting benefits, with visible results, usually evident in just 28 days.

Suitable for all skin types, these specialised active products can calm redness, purify congestion, balance and repair, nourish and revitalise for that refreshed youthful glow.

The range contains no sodium lauryl sulphate (SLS), sodium laureth sulphate (SLES), parabens, harsh chemicals or known irritants, formaldehyde releasing agents, propylene glycol, mineral oils or artificial fragrance and colours. All formulations are vegan (apart from the mask which has honey in it), biodegradable, ethically produced and packaged and have not been tested on animals.

The Facial Ritual will also incorporate the use of a kansa wand, made from the ‘healing metal’ brass. This wand is used to balance the doshas by unblocking energy channels to improve the body’s healing mechanism. The kansa wand will be used over the marma points, reducing stress, calming the mind and bringing balance to the energies. According to Ayurveda, the long strokes from the metal surface of the Kansa wand can draw acidity away from the skin, normalising the pH and alleviating problems such as acne and inflammation.

To find out your dosha and to book a Facial ritual please call 0433 090 696.

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